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Web design

No pattern, no free products or copies. Unique and exclusive on your web page on the Internet.

interneto svetainių kūrimas

Software developing

You need more than a web page? Unique, exclusive projects - computing, accounting, analyzing the individual order.

programavimo darbai

Dedicated servers

Your server maintenance, security analysis, timely introduction of updates and periodic inspection of the server. Responding to failures in real-time.

dedikuoti serveriai

Computer hardware

Believe their IT worries to us! Removing hardware failures, we provide alternate facilities, helping to upgrade existing ones.

kompiuterinė įranga

Computer networks

Internal network (LAN) installation and configuration work.

kompiuterių tinklai

Monitoring system

Digital Surveillance System!

stebėjimo sistemos

EVAgames - gaming network!

EVAgames - entertainment and gaming social network in Europe, it exists a little more than seven years.

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